W3 Whizz is a professional marketing agency with 20 years of combined experience, and our team is a range of specialists from website design to graphic design. We offer our services to small and medium-sized companies – especially B2B firms.

We believe in simplicity. No bells or whistles, just effective and proven solutions.

In order to deliver better results, we build close relationships with each of our customers. We know that every company is unique and needs a customized approach, and therefore we deliver tailor-made solutions.

What we do

W3 Whizz offers an outsourced marketing service that supports your sales and contributes to your business growth. We deliver a range of services which are proven to help generate leads.

  • Website Design- User-centered Websites – User-centered websites satisfy customers’ needs and business goals. W3whizz specializes in user-centered website creation and optimization that includes technical and branding improvements. Read more about our website design and see our portfolio.
  • Website Improvement & Management- Your website should be updated on a regular basis, as a static website à la “online brochure” is not effective and doesn’t score high in online search engine results. Read more how we can help you.

Why Choose Us

  • Improve the visitor experience
  • Increase conversion of website visitors into customers
  • Encourage site visitors to return again and again
  • Updating code
  • Security updates

We create effective websites that are user-centered.  User-centered websites satisfy customers’ needs and business goals. W3whizz specializes in user-centered website creation and optimization that includes technical and branding improvements.

It is difficult for most small and medium-sized companies to stay current on new marketing tactics, tools, and channels such as social media because the environment is evolving very quickly. As a result, these companies are not exactly sure about which steps to take.

Outsourced marketing is a solution to this problem. W3whizz has 15+ years of experience of managing marketing activities for clients, and we stay on top of every newly available marketing technique. Visual coherency in a company’s brochures, annual reports, posters and other promotional materials sends the right message: confidence and credibility. W3whizz designs eyes grabbing publications that put across your brand message.

We work closely with our customers to build efficient communication materials such as brochures, reports, business cards, magazines. Our design services help growing companies as well as already established ones seeking market-repositioning or just a new look

Let us help you

Keeping your website updated can be a hassle and if you do it yourself, it often takes you longer than you anticipated. Let us help you

Recent Projects

Responsive website design

Responsive design is a very important implementation for every website because more 40% website visitors are coming using their mobile devices. If a business doesn’t have a website that shows well on mobile phones and tablets is perceived as a mistake. We have recently updated the website of a gasket producer in the Netherlands, Gelria, a company that delivers products worldwide.

The new website uses responsive theme and it shows perfectly on all mobile devices. In the same time, we also added new functionality that allows the company implement email marketing.

Geolocation Technology

Implementing Geolocation Technology for a website named Best GED Classes. As a result, prospective students who are looking to take the GED test now will be able to find locations these facilities in just one click. BestGEDClassess is also known as a favorite destination for GED Practice tests.

We have succeeded in finding a very simple and economical way to help Internet users locate CLEP testing facilities within a small radius on the map.

The website makes use of the well-known Google Maps so it’s also very easy to find a route to these CLEP testing sites from your home, business, or factory.