Social Media Marketing Jobs – 5 Actionable Tips

I just attended yet another free webinar on social media marketing that was just another poorly disguised sales pitch. I was hoping to get at least one or two real, actionable tips. So I decided to share a few things I do that work for my clients. So the following applies to all people that have Social Media Marketing Jobs – 5 Actionable Tips.


        • Post links to other sites with useful information.
          As much as any business wants to establish that they are the “end all, be all” of their industry, the reality is that other businesses have valuable information to share. Share this information with your fans. This will give you credibility and make your business “real.” It also shows you are constantly learning from and share information with others in your industry.
        • Comment on other posts related to your business.
          Commenting on other posts gets your name out there and also shows that you are part of the industry. Just take the time to make useful posts. Don’t get spammy!

        • Develop one or more real “personalities” for your company or organization.
          Today’s marketplace demands personal attention for each customer. Convey to your customers that your company is run by real people who care by posting as yourself. If you have multiple people posting on the same company page, have them introduce themselves and identify themselves in the posts. This goes a long way to develop a personal relationship with your customers.
        • Make posts for the purpose of discussion.
          Don’t talk AT your social media audience. Start a conversation. Make posts that will incite comments. Ask questions. You may even want to !carefully! post something bordering on controversial if you know your audience well.
        • Ask your fans for help.
          Occasionally, and I mean occasionally, ask your audience to help spread the word about your great products or services. If done very sparingly, you can get some great new fans. Overdo it and you are going to lose the ones you already have.

Social Media Marketing evolves continually. What is working for you?

Social Media Marketing is More Than Just Posts

While making a proposal to a community organization a few months ago, I was asked a question that will likely stay with me for years and is the driving force behind this post.

“Anyone can post on Facebook and Twitter. Why do we need to pay you to do it?”

The answer comes in one word. Strategy.

While it is true that anyone can post, few will be successful without careful planning and a well-defined strategy. In fact, without a plan, social media marketing could actually hurt your business or organization. Read here about what your organization needs.

One of the best aspects of SMM is that it is free and wide reaching. This, however, is also its downfall. Often posts are made with little thought of how far the message will travel and how freely it may be shared.

On your Facebook page, you have some control over the context. Take for example a series of posts from an animal welfare group about a recent large-scale rescue effort. The first post probably has a quite of a bit of background information about the effort. Just think about how major corporations needed time to get used to the new media.

The subsequent posts are where there could be trouble. An innocent update about the welfare of an animal, when “shared” by a reader could reach someone completely unaware of important information in that first post. Without that information, a comment such as “After hundreds of hours of staff labor, 15 animals were euthanized.”

With the background information of the first post, the comment is an update about the rescue effort and how the poor condition of the animals could not be overcome. To someone unaware of the background story, animals were killed. Unfortunately, if someone saw this who is unfamiliar with the organization, they could get a very negative first impression of an organization that is actually trying to help animals.

This, of course, is an isolated example but illustrated my point. Your social media message should be carefully crafted to enhance your image, not ruin it.