How To Use AdWords When Selling Low Cost Items

How much should I bid when I am only just starting out and my two little children’s books sell at $5.99. Well, in the next few minutes, you are going to learn how to use AdWords when selling low-cost items.

Okay, you’re probably thinking that selling any product at a profit when your costs are very low is going to be difficult – and you’re absolutely right!

What I’m about to tell you will probably surprise you, but your best strategy is to forget about making a profit with AdWords (at least for the short term). If you’re serious about selling your low-cost product then it is crucial that you first get your sales page right.

Just suppose your landing page has a conversion rate of 1.5%. This means that for every 200 visitors to your site, you’ll gain 3 sales.

What if you made a small change to your landing page and it started to convert at 2%. For every 200 visitors, you’d now gain 4 sales. This represents a massive 33% increase.

Small changes in your landing page design can make a big difference in sales! On the other hand, we’ve seen so many marketing and advertising dollars shifting to new media over the past decades that you need to stay on top of your game to see where we’re all heading.

Obviously, to test the effect different landing pages have on your sales, you need targeted traffic to your website. And there is no better source of targeted traffic than AdWords.

Find a handful of low-cost, targeted keywords for your AdWords account that also attract a reasonable volume of searches. Now, create two or three landing pages and split test them using a tool like Google Website Optimizer.

Select the page that converts best, and repeat the exercise, again and again, changing different elements on your landing page each time. The world of Social Media is surely not a stable one and you should at all times learn more about advertising strategies. Read also this post with five actionable tips for Social Media Marketing.

When you feel you’ve achieved the best landing page for your product you can then start to find low-cost keywords for your AdWords account that will keep the traffic coming, but this time at a profit.

By following this strategy you could easily raise your landing pages conversion rate to anything between 5% and 10% or even more. The better you can get your landing page to convert, the more sales you will gain and the more you can afford to bid on individual keywords before you make a loss.

You also have the added advantage that any traffic from other sources like the organic search results, articles you write or ads you place on other websites, will also convert much better.