Making Money Online – How Does It Work?

This is a tricky one. How the heck are you going to make money online these days? It’s not easy to describe and show the process of this, because there are a bunch of different ways you can earn revenue online. So here, I am going to explain most of the process of making money online.

Step 1: The Foundation of Online Success – A Website

In order to make it online, you need a website for your success. Without one, you’ll have no future online, PERIOD! If you try to make it without a website by hacking together different things, you will end up failing online.

The foundation is a WEBSITE. For example, if you want to build a good and solid house, the first thing that you’re going to need is a powerful and stable foundation. Without this foundation, the house will not stand for long. The same thing applies when it comes to earning revenue online. The priority here is the website and building of it. Simply explained, the foundation is going to be your website.

When you have your website, it allows you to start to build those virtual “money machines.” But be aware that without a solid foundation, the house will not stand against the weather. The rain, wind and temperature difference will make it collapse with time. Just realize that Social Media pays and if you do everything properly from the beginning, and you will have your online success.

Step 2: Building Your Virtual House – The Content

Now that you have your website, let’s move on to the next step. The next step is to create your content. This is going to be the estate of a great deal of your traffic. The so-called search engine optimization (SEO) is your power and ability to build out all of your relationships with your visitors (also called your audience). Use also Twitter and more secret marketing tricks. This will lead to revenue, which creates your brand online. This leads you to long-term business and big profits.

The content can be anything from text, feedback, comments, articles, and reviews to audio and video. In general, Google and search engines like content very much, especially unique content. This is content that you have written all by yourself without any copying from other sites. Find out all about strategies for improving your AdWords Quality Score and if you provide high-quality content, the buying visitors definitely will come.

Step 3: Putting Your Foundation On a Busy Street – The Traffic

After you have your foundation, you also need traffic, or “eyes” pointing to your website. This is called the website’s traffic. In order to get this traffic, you need to focus on the bullets outlined here:

  • Writing high-quality content
  • Throughout your unique content, get high rankings in Google. Google loves high-quality content.
  • Paid traffic like PPC, PPA and paid ads

All of these things can be practiced and learned at Wealthy Affiliate (WA), the #1 ranked internet community in the world. If you find it difficult and don’t really understand the process, you can always visit WA to learn all of the steps for FREE! Yes, it’s 100% free to join as a starter member. This is a perfect place for you to get an education in the working process of an online business and to learn about actionable tips for social media marketing.

Step 4: All About The Money Part – With a Work at Home Business

Now, the fun part begins. You can make money in many ways and learn how to use AdWords when you’re selling low-cost items. There are hundreds of different ways online. As long as you have traffic to your site, you can make money from many free paying techniques. This is your “open shop.” It will work for you 24/7 all year round.

I will outline some of them here:

  • Putting ads to your website with (Google Adsense)
  • You can sell Affiliate Products.
  • Selling Advertising to other sites (to the website owners)
  • You can sell Amazon Products.
  • It’s also possible to sell a website and profit big. (If a person or company wants the domain name, for example, you can sell it for a high price.)
  • If you own products, you can always sell them.

This is just a few ways of earning revenue online, but here you have six great opportunities. Read also our interview with marketing guru Rory Sutherland. When you have your own website, (which is very easy to get), the content and traffic, the sky is the limit here. From here, you have the power to earn a part-time or full-time income. This is totally up to you. But remember, if you are an action taker and really commit yourself to this business, there are no limits on how much you are going to earn. That is the true power of the online business and your action taking.

Also, please DO NOT try this alone!

I really suggest that you do not try this all by yourself. If you do so, you will only end up failing. This online jungle can make you get lost, and beware of all the scams out there. The so-called gurus are very smart; they will find your weak spots and make you believe in them. Learn as much as you can about small business marketing and web presence. This is their market and their job, to get your money, leaving you all alone after the purchase.

Therefore, I want to invite you to my online hangout family, a place where I get help and can help others, communicating with fellow entrepreneurs and earning revenue at the same time. Here is no credit card required. Just fill out your information, and you’re set to go!