Social Media Marketing Jobs – It Pays!

“Social media pays” is a common and at times an overused phrase. However, despite all the popular claims, for most entrepreneurs, traffic from these channels is only trickled in, if at all. In fact, for a lot of small organizations, the sales and conversions seem too challenging to develop and measure. Well, for all of you who are looking for Social Media Marketing Jobs – It Pays!

Yet, even though that social media effect is only a trickle, with some work and persistence, it can grow exponentially over time if done correctly. However, to ensure that you have put your best foot forward in this world, for the entrepreneur, a LinkedIn profile is a solid start.

Look and Feel

LinkedIn is where professionals group together and are more likely to judge your company by its professional appearance. Ensure that your LinkedIn profile is updated with your logo, right company information, videos, website URLs and other data. An attractive and professional-looking profile creates the first impression and is encouraging people to follow you or not.

Quality Connections

A high number of first-degree connections are important to give your company information the desired threshold level. While you can start with friends, colleagues, and partners of your organization, slowly increasing your contacts over time can be of great help.

Ensure that you have at least 500 first degree connections and you can grow on from there. Keep the quality of your connections in mind too. While it may not always be possible to link to likeminded individuals, connecting to your target audience can be of great help. You may also want to learn more about how to use AdWords when you’re selling low-cost items.

Opportunities with Groups

LinkedIn groups offer a great way to connect with like-minded people on relevant topics. It helps to substantially improve your network and discuss ideas. You can also create and maintain your own group, with a sufficient number of followers. These groups help you send information and messages about your company to a wide range of people and forge connections.

LinkedIn is a great tool for professional entrepreneurs and startups to enhance their global reach and forge one to one connections. Along with other social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube a healthy and profitable social media campaign can be created. While these do not generate miracles overnight, stay regular, stay relevant and expect the magic to grow over the years.


Facebook can be an important tool for the entrepreneur despite all the recent turmoil about how the company handles (or just not) privacy issues. But still, Facebook is operating on an extremely personal level. The subtle ways in which Facebook connections can translate to make business sense needs to be understood before it starts as a profitable marketing channel.

Connecting at a personal level

Connecting to people at a more personal level is made possible with this social media interface in near-direct opposition to traditional advertising. Facebook allows you to know what people in your community are talking about, share advice and ideas. Starting off with marketing your brand is not a good idea, until you have begun listening to the online conversation. See also here how you can improve your AdWords Quality Score.

Using the right mix of tools

Facebook can be used as a personal profile, a closed/open group or as a page almost like that of a community forum. Each has varying benefits.  Though you can use a combination of these benefits depending on your goals, knowing individual advantages are important too. For example, a group allows you to give quick updates that are viewed by everyone in the group, whereby promoting discussions.

A Facebook page is more visible and viral in its public form and can be externally linked to eCommerce or other sales channels. A personal profile ranks high on Google and allows you to connect and comment on what other people are doing too. Using the right mix of this is important for your business. Use a group when you want to encourage discussions with relation to an industry issue, ongoing question or other types of community conversation. See also this interview with marketing guru Rory Sutherland. Very interesting and helpful.


Another important thing that most users overlook is consistency. Not just with Facebook, but with any social media tool, it is vital to be consistent. Update daily, talk daily and discuss daily. Use the metrics provided in the insights section to know which posts are gathering more attention. And focus on talking on topics and the language your community wants to hear.

Facebook is still a very powerful tool if used properly. The mistakes most marketers make is inconsistency and over promotion. Connecting to the right audience with the right message is of extreme importance and especially important for entrepreneurs.