Twitter and Secret Marketing Tricks

Social media marketing and persuasion is the craze. However, successful usage of tools like Twitter for business relies on a really powerful concept you’ll learn in this article today. So let’s dig a little deeper into Twitter and Secret Marketing Tricks.

There is a concept that’s great for using on Twitter. It’s a concept that I explained in one of my earlier blog articles. It has a bit of credibility right now because it got published in Psychology Today, not by me, but people talking about similar things.

It’s called Ambient Intimacy

You see, in this state in social media where people are more intimate with one another. When you’re online, you’re more friendly, open and vulnerable with strangers than you would be in real life. It’s because there’s an eradication of time and space barriers.

In that particular state, people are more open to you. Your prospects are more open to you in the same way as the top dogs of marketing or the top dogs in your niche. Because they’re human beings, they operate the same way in ambient intimacy. They see the gatekeepers are removed and you can connect with them on an individual and human level.

It gets their attention. It’s having a conversation with them that’s relevant to them at that point in time. That’s really easy to do because Twitter is almost like telepathy. When you tweet, you don’t think about the consequences. As a result, you get a lot of uncensored thoughts flying around. As a result…

Niche market research becomes a cinch

Twitter is short and real-time. At a reduced number of characters (until last year: 140), you don’t really take a lot of investment in writing something. It’s three, five, or now maybe ten seconds and then a tweet goes out.

It’s really good to actually read the minds of the people you want to connect with. You may be tweeting something about WWE wrestling or what you ate yesterday, non-marketing related stuff. Then you join the conversation, add the reply name, and they’ll say, “Hop into the conversation.” You can say, “Hey, I like WWE wrestling, too. I think this wrestler is sucky,” or whatever. The conversation starts from there. Friendships start very fast.

The end result is marketing persuasion at its finest. You know, marketing dollars have shifted enormously over the past decade and Twitter marketing is indeed one of the most effective ways to generate hot leads and qualified traffic to your site because your prospects are just plainly in love with you!

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Eight Twitter Tips For Success

You can use Twitter to research; network; find new job openings often before they’re published; establish or enhance your online identity and credibility, follow industry experts, and see what your potential employer’s reputation is online. Rory Sutherland (author of The Wiki Man) knows all about behavioral economy aspects and if you want to read an interesting interview with this marketing guru, click here.

Here are eight ways to use Twitter for PR job hunting success:

1. Research: use Twitter for a wide range of research including PR industry facts, news, job tips, and trends.

2. Network: networking is a given. Identify thoughtful public relations leaders, local PRSA executives and follow them for insight. Reach out and ask for job suggestions once you have a rapport established. You’ll be surprised at how helpful the Twitter community can be. But network carefully and selectively.

3. Follow: identify and follow a variety of individual headhunters, recruiters, companies, HR specialists PR job-specific boards. Organize them into a unique list for easy reference.

4. Newest PR job openings: often new PR jobs are posted on Twitter before running in the local newspaper, a company blog, or other social media channel. These days, some jobs are only posted on Twitter by company employees, insiders, friends or others. Follow #prjobs, #printern, #PRSA

5. Profile: carefully build your online profile. Construct your bio, watch what you tweet; post thoughtfully, and create a reputation as a helpful, informed and genuine person. I ‘ve seen too many careless pictures and posts that would harm your chances to get hired if seen by a prospective employer.

6. Volunteer: offer to help with a campaign or online initiative to gain experience. Participate actively in online Twitter chats such as #prstudchat, #journchat, #pr20chat and others.

7. Localize: use Twitter to find hyper-local resources for your industry, city, specialty or network.

8. Be patient: take time to build longer-term relationships and to find the perfect PR job opportunity.

In my view, Twitter is one of the best tools for job hunting. Follow these eight tips and you’ll be well on the road to finding the perfect PR or communications job.