Content Marketing Jobs and what your organization needs

One of the smartest ways to promote your company or products is Content Marketing. This works for small shops and for organizations like universities or big corporations. Leet’s take a look at Content Marketing Jobs and what your organization needs.

Content Marketing is all about publishing articles that talk about the benefit of products without “hard sell” and it can bring huge benefits for your company brand, but you should have a realistic expectation about time frame and results. If you are looking for a way to sell your products immediately, you are better off with a PPC (pay per click) campaign and a well-designed sales page (landing page).

Small business owners can use content marketing if they are looking for:

• Trigger – Content marketing works best over the long term, so it is very useful for businesses that have long sales cycles. By publishing articles on third-party websites or adding new content to your own website, you remind customers about your solutions.

For example, a website offering GED online classes can make a series of posts about fast learning, a new method of e-learning or how new technology helps to learn faster. This actually was our advice we gave our client. Online GED courses were promoted through content marketing that included posts about how to learn effectively for the GED.  GED is the program for high school dropouts who want to get an equivalent diploma in the US and Canada.

• Publicity – by creating new content you can reach out to new audiences, articles can be promoted externally and you can also publish your articles on other websites.

• Website visitors – Content marketing can also be used for improving your website position in Google, so clients who are looking for solutions can easier find your website, and it doesn’t matter if you run a small business or are responsible for a larger corporation.
The latest strategy includes the creation and promotion of infographics. Infographics visualize information, data or facts in a graphic way. Other websites embed the graphic on their own sites and include a link back to the original source on your site.

These are just 3 major examples of using content marketing for your business, but in fact, there are many ways to reap benefits via this new form of marketing. To learn how to check your Adwords market, click here.

Other important development is branding strategy, I know it sounds extremely snobby but it’s important and here is why I think you need a solid branding strategy. The world of advertising and marketing has changed drastically, and you also need to be present online in a massive way! Read also this interesting article about how big corporations had to adapt to online advertising.

So Content Marketing can absolutely have advantages over other promotional tools and means:

  • The right brand strategy, together with good design, drives recognition, awareness, and credibility forward
  • It captions your business and it maximizes your sales potential
  • This strategy determines the way in which you communicate your message
  • A brand strategy has an impact on the communication style and creates a strong image for your business.

A strong image influences everything, from the ability to recruit top talent to the opportunity to grow. It’s the first step in developing a brand.